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*Limited Low Price*【海底捞】Haidilao 各种口味 火锅底料 汤底 上汤 麻辣 清汤 番茄 三鲜 牛油 火锅蘸料 东炎
Price RM8.20 - RM8.90 RM10.90 - RM11.60
Brand Haidilao
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海底捞火锅底料 HaiDiLao HotPot Seasoning Soup Base

1. 上汤三鲜火锅底料 Shrimp soup hotpot seasoning -200g Exp:6/10/2023
2. 番茄火锅底料 Tomato soup hotpot  seasoning -200g  (3~5人份) Exp: 2/12/2023
3. 麻辣清油火锅底料 Mala soup hotpot seasoning -220g Exp:2/2/2024
4. 清汤火锅底料 Broth soup hotpot seasoning -110g (3~5人份) Exp: 5/9/2023
5.浓香牛油火锅底料 Beef Tallow hotpot seasoning - 150g
6.菌汤火锅汤底 Mushroom Flavour Hotpot seasoning - 110g (3~5人份) Exp: 6/12/2023

7.咖喱虾风味火锅底料 Curry Prawn Flavor Hotpot Sauce -160g (3~5人份) Exp: 20/07/2023

8.东炎火锅底料 Tom Yam Hotpot Sauce - 180g (3~5人份) Exp: 19/10/2023


推荐人数:3 ~ 5人

汤底食用方法:将 1L ~ 1.5L 的水和底料一起放入锅中煮。

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Pnghantaran laju...oder smlm ptg spi ari ini... Buah segar2

21 July 2023

Recommended seller. Next day delivery upon order sent. Icepack still cold, fruits in very good conditions. Everything is gooood!

21 July 2023


16 February 2023

Order yesterday (07/12/12), received today (08/12/12). Fruit fresh, packing nice, customer service friendly and delivery driver

2 February 2023

Taste:Good Freshness:It's like they have just been harvested.

2 February 2023